WHEEL ALIGNMENT Precision Wheel Alignment: Faster, Accurate, and Reliable!

WHEEL ALIGNMENT Precision Wheel Alignment: Faster, Accurate, and Reliable!

As a future-oriented company, Balance Group has always been convinced that continued investment in innovation is essential to constant growth.

To this end, Balance Group devotes significant resources to research and development, seeking to be a leader of R&D in automotive equipment technologies, by keeping ahead of market demand, and offering tire professionals unrivaled high-performance products and cutting-edge solutions.
Adhering to the concept of independent research and development and continuous innovation, the latest U-VA2023 four-wheel aligner independently researched, designed, and produced by Balance Group was exhibited at the Frankfurt Fair, this latest upgraded four-wheel aligner originated from the market and customer demand.

Small in size but not in features, the UNITE® U-VA2023 offers many productivity-focused features with a minimal footprint and easy installation options.

It can be challenging to fit an advanced wheel aligner into a shop with a compact footprint, but the UNITE® U-VA2023 is up for the task. We’ve packaged the U-VA2023 to take up minimal room in your shop, with a console-integrated post and beam design.

U-VA2023 can be easily updated via a network connection, ensuring the most up-to-date information is always readily available at your fingertips.

Combine these features with our advanced software that includes fast compensation and optimized alignment flow, and you have the ultimate solution for independent shops looking to take advantage of lucrative alignment services.

U-VA2023 4-wheel aligner originates from the market and customer demand, mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

Firstly, the performance of the intelligent fuzzy search engine under the “Model Selection” module has been strengthened, enabling users to search for models in the huge model database, which becomes smarter, faster, and more efficient.

Secondly, the intelligent conversion function of data units under the general database module has been added, which can directly convert “degree” and “millimeter” to “degree” with one click, thus greatly improving the efficiency of adding vehicle data according to the vehicle manual. This greatly improves end-users’ efficiency in adding vehicle data according to the vehicle manual. Convenient, completely liberating the brain.

Third, the vehicle data is added to a key upgrade function. As long as the locator computer is connected to the Internet (mobile phone hotspot, WIFI, Internet, etc.), it can update the latest database with one key, which makes it extremely simple to upgrade the database of vehicle models.

Just our specialist know-how, though, would have not allowed us to achieve our current results. A pioneering spirit, combined with a deep passion for our work and the ability to invest in men’s growth, allowed us to climb the top of the industry patiently and consistently, and act as a reliable and expert partner.