Top Garage Equipment List Needs for Opening an Auto Repair Shop

Top 10 Equipment Needs for Opening an Auto Repair Shop A Comprehensive Guide

Opening an auto repair shop requires a lot of planning and preparation, especially when it comes to equipment. Without the right tools and equipment, you won’t be able to provide high-quality service to your customers. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 equipment needs for opening an auto repair shop.

  1. Vehicle Lifts

One of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need is a vehicle lift. A lift makes it much easier to access the underside of the car, which is essential for many repairs and maintenance tasks. There are several types of lifts available, including two-post lifts, four-post lifts, and scissor lifts. Two-post lifts are the most popular option, as they’re more affordable and easier to use than other types.

Presenting the product recommendation:

BrandModelFeaturesLifting Weight
PULIPL-4.0-2DBSDual-Width Configuration, Extended Lift Arms, Automatic Safety Locks9,000 lbs.

The PULI PL-4.0-2DBS is an excellent option for those looking for a reliable and durable vehicle lift. With its dual-width configuration, it can accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes, and its extended lift arms allow for easy positioning. The automatic safety locks provide added security, and the lift can handle up to 9,000 lbs. This lift is an excellent investment for any auto repair shop looking to make their work easier and more efficient.

  1. Diagnostic Equipment

To diagnose problems with a vehicle, you’ll need diagnostic equipment. This includes things like scan tools, code readers, and diagnostic software. With the right equipment, you’ll be able to quickly identify and fix problems with a car’s engine, transmission, and other systems.

Presenting the product recommendation:

PULIPL-3D-6666From minicar to the van which are compatible, small to micro-car which are compatible, the new 3D to solve various of vehicle aligning problems3D alignment, fast and accurate measurements

The PULI PL-3D-6666 is a state-of-the-art wheel alignment system that is designed to provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive alignment results. Its selling point is the integrated touchless alignment inspection system, which makes it easy to perform wheel alignments without having to touch the vehicle’s wheels or rims. This makes the process faster, more accurate, and less prone to errors. These are just a few examples of the high-quality wheel alignment machines available on the market. Be sure to carefully evaluate your specific needs and budget when selecting the right machine for your business.

  1. Air Compressors

An air compressor is a must-have for any auto repair shop. It’s used to power pneumatic tools like impact wrenches, air ratchets, and spray guns. The most common type of air compressor is the reciprocating compressor, which uses a piston to compress air. However, you can also find rotary screw compressors, which are more efficient and produce less noise.

  1. Tire Changers

Tire changers are essential for any auto repair shop. They’re used to remove and install tires on rims, which is necessary for tire repairs and replacements. There are several types of tire changers available, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models. Fully automatic tire changers are the most convenient and efficient, but also the most expensive.

Recommended tire changer:

BrandModelFeaturesRim Size
PULIPL-1256Advanced Features, High Volume, Easy-to-Use, High Performance14″ – 26″

PULI PL-1256 tire changers offer advanced features and high performance to make changing tires a breeze. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, one of these models may be the ultimate tire changer for you.

  1. Wheel Balancers

In addition to a tire changer, you’ll also need a wheel balancer. Balancers are used to ensure that the wheels are balanced properly, which prevents uneven wear and improves ride quality. There are several types of wheel balancers available, including bubble balancers, spin balancers, and electronic balancers. Electronic balancers are the most accurate and reliable, but also the most expensive.

Recommended wheel balancer:

BrandModelFeaturesRim Size
PULIPL-1897WRAutomatic distance and wheel diameter measuring10″-24″

The PL-1897WR wheel balancer is a high-performance wheel balancer with a high-resolution monitor display, which not only makes it extremely user-friendly but will also impress your customers! A laser line clearly indicates both outboard and inboard weight placements for incredible balances within hundredths of an ounce. Wheels that are laser-balanced will drive like new!

  1. Brake Lathes

Brake lathes are used to resurface brake rotors and drums. This is important for maintaining proper braking performance and preventing brake noise. There are several types of brake lathes available, including on-car and off-car models. On-car models are more convenient, as they allow you to resurface the rotors without removing them from the car.

  1. Welders

Welding equipment is necessary for repairing damaged frames and body panels. There are several types of welding equipment available, including MIG, TIG, and stick welders. MIG welders are the most common type used in auto repair shops, as they’re easy to use and produce high-quality welds.

  1. Fluid Exchange Equipment

Fluid exchange equipment is used to change the fluids in a vehicle, including oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. There are several types of fluid exchange equipment available, including oil changes, coolant exchangers, and transmission fluid exchangers. These machines are essential for maintaining proper fluid levels and preventing damage to the engine and transmission.

Recommended wheel balancer:

BrandModelFeaturesTank Capacity
HPMMHC-2297Remove and extract waste fluids or oil out from the engine and etc. with a flexible PVC tube and robust CU probe80L

The Portable HC-2297 Air-Operated Oil Extractor is a vacuum-charged unit that’s ideal for extracting used oil and other fluids from almost any vehicle. Functions: Remove and extract waste fluids or oil out from the engine and etc. with a flexible PVC tube and robust CU probe.

  1. Battery Chargers

Battery chargers are necessary for charging dead or low batteries. There are several types of battery chargers available, including trickle chargers, float chargers, and jump starters. Trickle chargers are the most common type used in auto repair shops, as they’re affordable and easy to use.

  1. Hand Tools


With these pieces of equipment, you should be able to perform most repairs and maintenance tasks on your vehicle. It is also important to have safety equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, and a fire extinguisher, on hand. Remember to follow all safety protocols and manufacturer instructions when using the equipment.