Four-post automotive lifts are legendary for their incredible best-in-class versatility. Need to take a look underneath your truck or van? No problem-drive it on and hit the button. Perhaps that’s why four-post lifts like the PULI PL-PK402 have been seen in both professional and private garages around the world for years.
The flexibility is not easy account for why PULI’s heavy-duty PL-PK402 auto lift is fast outperforming the competition. True, the PL-PK402 comes fully loaded with standard features like multi-level locking, stand-alone design, and an electric hydraulic Power system, but that’s where the mundane similarities end. Let’s take a closer look at why professionals and DIY enthusiasts around the world love their PL-PK402 auto lifts from PULI.

Pure put might:

The 7,000-lb. Lifting capacity on PULI’s PL-PK402 service lift like to the the sweet spot for both hobbyists and automotive pros alike. 7,000-lb. is more than enough for most vehicles found on the road today. So with the exception of super- Duty trucks, shop owners can be confident that the PL-PK402 can handle the majority of business that rolls through the door.
At the same time, avid hobbyists who like to tool around in their home garage will enjoy the benefits of having a stronger-than-necessary lift like the PL-PK402.

Space saving design:

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PULI has been in the auto lift business for decades, so they’ve perfected the PL-PK402’s footprint-not too small and not too large. The PL-PK402 is designed to only about the size of your average parking slot at the local grosery store. Let’s face it, in many culture shops space is money. So while the PL-PK402 auto lift is build rock-solid, it is not any bigger than it needs to be.
For the home user in particular, the smaller footprint on the PL-PK402 car lift is a huge boon. PULI also thought about the limited height clearance in most home garages. The good news is, if your home garage has at least an 8- Foot ceiling, you can probably fit one of these great hoists inside.

Simply built better:

PULI seems to think of everything when it comes their lifts, often going above and beyond what is necessary for a high-quality equipment. For instance, the PL-PK402 evaluated aircraft-quality raised cables and oversized dual-hub sheaves that last up to Three times as long as the smaller plastic sheaves you find on off-brand lifts. The PL-PK402 by PULI also has several more locking positions than average to ensure no matter what you’re working on, it’s going to be at the perfect height The
And that good looks are not everything, most of the same is some other in the design. And that’s not just on the PL-PK402. Most PULI lifts feature this attractive and resilient Architecture


When it comes right down to it, the PL-PK402 is the hottest four-post (in in the world) because, no matter what part you’re looking at, you can tell that someone very smart has thought about it very carefully. From features to design, materials to components, PULI never fails to think about the person who is actually going to use it. And that will always set their products apart.
And the price on the PL-PK402 is pretty good too. And did we mention the longer approach ramps for low-profile vehicles? The unique no-slip texture on the runways? The powder-coat finish? The stand-alone design? There’s It is not you go check out the product page now to find out what will will be your favorite? PULI PL-PK402