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PL-1259 Automatic Touchless Tire Changer

The PL-1259 tire changer features the latest in touchless wheel-service technology and provides your shop with the most advanced tire changing capabilities on the planet. You no longer need those tire irons and levers, so put them away! The PL-1259 tire changer is a workhorse designed to work on all wheel types without damaging the rim or requiring clumsy toolbars, bead locks, or tire levers.

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PL-1259 tire changer is a revolutionary wheel service offered by PULI Products. This touchless tire machine breaks beads and swaps tires faster than virtually any other design on the market. Eliminate the manual hassle of changing tires when you go touchless!

1. Pneumatic control vertical arm rise & fall, easy operation
2. Pneumatic control demount/mount head, with“ no lever “technology, even more performing, even more, ingenious
3. Automatic central positioning & locking flange workbench for vehicle, SUV, and commercial vehicles wheels up to 30”.
4. Full pneumatic control to press the edge of both up & down tire beads, quickly and easily to the separate tire bead and rim
5. Big working scope from 10″ -30″, especially suitable for big size tyres, ani-flat tyres and big vacuum tyres
6. Unique design 360° rotary tyre pressing help arm
7. Left side pneumatic tyre lifter to help easy lift Up & unloading the tyres, save manpower.
8. Full automatic operation.

Additional information

Internal clamping


Max.Wheel diameter

≤1143mm (45")

Max.Wheel width

≤406mm (16")

Working Pressure

8-10bar (116-145 psi)

Opitonal Power supply

110 V (1 ph)/ 220 V (1 ph/3 ph)/ 380 V (3 ph)

Optional Mottor power

1.1 kw

Noise Level

<75 dB

Dimension(main body)

1710*1850*1210mm (5.6*6.1*4.5ft)

N/G weight(main body)

480/500 kg (1058/1102 lbs)