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PL-4.0-2E Baseplate 2 Post Lift

L-4.0-2E Baseplate 2 Post Lift
L-4.0-2E Baseplate 2 Post LiftL-4.0-2E Baseplate 2 Post LiftPL-4.0-2E Baseplate 2 Post Lift

PL-4.0-2E Baseplate 2 Post Lift

The PL-4.0-2E 2 Post Lifts above ground lift with Super-Symmetric arms is the perfect choice for those smaller commercial repair facilities or The Mr. Homeowner who demands the highest quality at the absolute best price.

This is a low ceiling floor plate vehicle lift with 4000 KG lifting capacity.
110 mm minimum height,1800 mm lifting height.
Overloading protection.
Secure synchronization with 2 10 mm steel cables.
Adopts chrome-plating honed cylinder and piston rod,with Italian seals on hydraulic rams,ensure long service life.Reliable
Passed 115% dynamic test and 150% static test.




Electric release

Lifting Capacity

4000kg (8840 lb)

Lifting Height

1800mm (70.9″)

Machine Height

2824mm (111.2″)

Machine Width

3426mm (134.9″)

Power of Motor


Power Supply

20V/380V 1/3 PHASE

Rise Time


Drop Time