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PL-1120 Self-Calibrating Wheel Balancer

Wheel balancer PL-1200 Tire Balancer, Wheel Balancers and Wheel Weights
PL-1823 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel BalancerWheel balancer PL-1200 Tire Balancer, Wheel Balancers and Wheel WeightsWheel balancer PL-1200 Tire Balancer, Wheel Balancers and Wheel Weights

PL-1120 Self-Calibrating Wheel Balancer

*Advanced international standard merging the best of industry
* Absorbing advanced technology
*Own research and development, property rights and guarantee the high quality service

1. High precision main shaft with strict heat treatment process makes sure
repeated measuring accuracy. With data automatic measurement function
2. High stable and high accurate computer chip. With self-calibration and
self-diagnosis fuctions
3. LED light & Digital display
4.With 5 balancing modes and OPT function. Extended measuring scale can
measure rims from10” to 24”
5.Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring
6.Equipped with protection hood,plier,full sets of cones and caliper
7. With standard automatic braking system, make operation much easier
8.With optional brake pedal for accurate positioning of counter weights
9.With optional larger cone and spacing ring, machine can balance rim with big
central bore such as that of Toyota coaster, Transit, Iveco etc.
10.With optional universal flange adaptor,machine can balance,French cars’
tyres such as that of Citroen
11.High accuracy for the balancer, guarantee high quality service
12.Easy and safety operation

Max. wheel weight

65 kg (143 lbs)

Optional power supply

110 V (1 ph)/ 220 V (1 ph/3 ph)/ 380 V (3 ph)

Motor power

0.55/0.75/1.1 kw

Balancing speed

200 r.p.m

Balancing accuracy

±1 g(±0.04 oz))

Rim diameter

252-610 mm(10″-24″)

Rim width

40-510 mm(1.5-20″)

Measuring time

8 s

Noise level


Package size

960*560*1230 mm(3.1*2.5*4.0 ft)

N/G weight

89/108 kg (196/238 lbs)